You cannot open a book without learning something. ― Confucius

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Stefanie Rahn & Christian Lutz

Pilates: The Complete Training Book provides comprehensive knowledge and contains a variety of exercises as well [read more..]
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Jane Struthers

The moon doesn't just affect the tides - it also affects our moods, our decision-making, and every living organism on [read more..]
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Retirement Income for Life
Frederick Vettese

Other than their health, what worries retirees most is the thought of running out of money before they die. It doesn't [read more..]
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Financial Services Revolution
Alex Tapscott

This book offers readers a startling view of how blockchain technology will transform the financial industry in [read more..]
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Beat the Bank
Larry Bates

Make the big banks work for you, not against you!

You work hard. You sacrifice to save. You risk your
[
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Your Retirement Income Blueprint - 3rd Edition
Daryl Diamond

This book gives you the blueprint for creating sustainable income in retirement, making the most out of the assets [read more..]
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From Able to Remarkable
Robert Massey

From Able to Remarkable: Help your students become expert learners provides a pathway to help teachers guide [read more..]
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Teach Like Nobody's Watching
Mark Enser

In Teach Like Nobody's Watching Mark Enser sets out a time-efficient approach to teaching that will reduce [read more..]
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Machine-Quilting Idea Book
Vicki Ruebel

Welcome to a machine-quilting book like no other. It's a helpful guide to machine-quilting designs for a dozen classic [read more..]


Face Your Fears

Gill Hasson & Sarah Jennings

All children feel afraid at times and need step-by-step strategies for coping with their fears. This book shares practical tools to help kids build courage, stop scary thoughts, and learn more about [read more..]

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Turn Away from Teasing

Gill Hasson & Sarah Jennings

Teasing can be embarrassing or upsetting. Kids need supportive advice for dealing with teasing - or for knowing when they should stop teasing someone else. This book shares practical tools with kids [read more..]

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Put Your Worries Away

Gill Hasson & Sarah Jennings

All children worry sometimes, and they often need help learning how to deal with anxiety. In this encouraging picture book, readers learn ways to help themselves when they feel anxious, nervous, or [read more..]

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