“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” ― Jorge Luis Borges

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The Collective Wisdom of High-Performing Women
Colleen Moorehead

This important new book for Canadian business women looks at the 10 key characteristics of today's winning leaders. [read more..]
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Becoming Dangerous
Katie West & Jasmine Elliott & Kristen J. Sollée

At the crossroads of #MeToo, #HexthePatriarchy, and the increasingly vocal feminist and LGBTQ+ movements comes a [read more..]
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L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Vol #35
L. Ron Hubbard & David Farland

Internationally acclaimed bestselling anthology of award-winning science fiction and fantasy short stories. 24 [read more..]
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Your Future Family
PhD Bergman & MD Leondires

Thanks to technology and marriage equality, more and more people are looking to become parents. Third-party [read more..]
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Bank on Yourself
Ardelle Harrison & Leslie McCormick

Bank on Yourself is for every woman who has to manage her finances completely on her own, whether by choice or [read more..]
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Sue Patton Thoele

A fresh and powerful book of daily meditations that encourages women to discover their inner power and manifest it [read more..]
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Teach for Attention!
Ezra Werb

If learning is a motor, student engagement is the key. But when teaching students with ADHD and other attention [read more..]
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Stitched from the Heart
Kori Turner-Goodhart

Turn pretty embroidery, simple patchwork, and sweet applique details into memorable gifts that will inspire smiles! [read more..]
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Visible Maths
Peter Mattock

Peter Mattock's Visible Maths supports teachers in their use of concrete and pictorial representations to [read more..]


Hands are not for Hitting

Martine Agassi & Marieka Heinlen

It's never too soon for children to learn that violence is never okay, hands can do many good things, and everyone is capable of positive, loving actions. In this bright, inviting, durable board [read more..]

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Voices Are Not for Yelling

Elizabeth Verdick & Marieka Heinlen

The toddler years are full of growth and smiles and sweetness—but also tantrums. With toddlers, yelling, screaming, wailing, and flailing are a normal part of life. Very young children don't yet [read more..]

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Germs are not for Sharing

Elizabeth Verdick & Marieka Heinlen

Achoo! Cough! F-L-U-S-H! What to do? In childcare, in preschool, at home, and everywhere, toddlers need to learn that germs are not for sharing. Rather than focus on what germs are, this book teaches [read more..]

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