The Liberating Power of Emotions

Understanding Our Emotional Purpose and Power

By: Riet Okken

Price: CAD $22.99


Imprint: Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc.

350 Pages

8.74 X 5.28 X 1.14 ins

ISBN:  9781886940567 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 05/21/2012

Discover the liberating force of emotion and discover the power of the soul.

One of the perennial struggles of humanity has been the attempt to balance our rational and emotional selves. Generally, people have dealt with their feelings in one of two ways: venting and suppressing. In this book psychotherapist Riet Okken describes a third way: the way of healthy emotional management. She has devised a model for emotional and spiritual health that involves releasing both emotions and our connection to ego and discovering our divine core. Okken describes a concrete path that will enable readers to free themselves from ego and banish depression, jealously, burnout, shame, guilt and addiction. By processing and coming to terms with one's underlying emotions, one moves to a place of awareness and realization of the soul qualities that are found in all of the great religions traditions: joy, freedom, confidence, creativity, vitality, and fullness of life.

In this comprehensive and practical guide, Okken combines her profound knowledge of psychotherapy with her years of therapeutic experience. Filled with case studies and practical tips, it is a wise and friendly guide that will lead seekers to a place of freedom and bliss.

RIET OKKEN is a psychotherapist. She lives in the Netherlands.

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