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It's All In Your Dreams

How to Interpret Your Sleeping Dreams to Make Your Waking Dreams Come True

By: Kelly Sullivan Walden

Price: CAD $24.95


Imprint: Conari Press

272 Pages

8.15 X 6.02 X 0.67 ins

ISBN:  9781573245906 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 04/05/2013

In the magical realm of dreams you can learn a topic of fascination; study at the feet of a master; converse with a departed loved one, find an answer to a perplexing question, or, explore the larger story of your life.
Popular dream analyst and media personality Kelly Sullivan Walden shows how to use your dreams to create the life you want in It's All in Your Dreams. Her 5-step process helps readers remember, connect and use their dreams in their waking lives.


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