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Thought as Energy

Exploring the Spiritual Nature of Man

By: Willis Kinnear

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Imprint: Spiritual Living Press

92 Pages

6.93 X 6.18 X 0.24 ins

ISBN:  9780911336627 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 06/01/1975

What is the mind of man? What do we know about its potential? These are questions that are attracting the attention of the man in the street as well as many individuals in the scientific community.
Brought together in this volume are discoveries from this exciting new frontier of knowledge. That thought is actually a form of energy now seems to be scientifically demonstrated. The future potential of this finding hold tremendous possibilities as man learns to become more aware of the power of his thought.
The many individuals who express their views in this book share with you their explorations into man's spiritual nature, and you in turn may come to discover that you are much more than you think you are. You will be stimulated to expand your awareness and explore the potential energy of your own mind and thought.

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