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The Searchers

By: Gustaf Stromberg

Price: CAD $12.95


Imprint: Spiritual Living Press

256 Pages

7.6 X 6.5 X 0.63 ins

ISBN:  9780911336160 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 12/01/1967

From the time immemorial thinking men have sought an answer as to wether or not the world is actually what it appears to be. Delving into the fields of science, medicine, and philosophy, answers to this question are sought in this book by the famed Mount Wilson astronomer.
Advancing the concept that life and mind can be understood only in terms of the nonphysical, he explores the ultimate nature of our own thought, the existence of a universal Mind-God-and life after death.
Here is a new world to explore, a world that is much greater that you ever imagined. As you search through the dynamic and enlightening ideas in The Searchers you will come to a new appreciation of the nature of things as they really are.


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