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Children of the Living Universe

Discovering Our Legacy Will Change Our Future

By: Paul Von Ward
Foreword by: Bart Ehrman

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Imprint: Hampton Roads Publishing

432 Pages

8.35 X 6.77 X 1.14 ins

ISBN:  9781571747112 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 04/14/2014

This book is an articulate, well-researched, intelligent compilation of new and ancient data that explores the implications of the extraterrestrial origins of the human race. The primary stories of our origins (religious versions/Darwinism) are called into question when held against scientific evidence and recorded histories of many cultures.
Among Von Ward?s startling conclusions are:
The universe is self-manifesting, self-directing, and self-learning
Everything that is (including the human race) is a manifesation of the universal consciousness
Intelligent human life is much older than is popularly believed
Human consciousness mirrors that of the universe?s creators
Science and technologies of a millennia ago were as advanced as they are today
Our consciousness is not limited to the world of the five senses

With insight and clarity, Von Ward envisions that discovery of our true legacy will inspire a global renaissance of inner knowing and unprecedented social progress. Beyond earthly evolution, he sees humanity assuming its place as a part of a universal community of conscious beings, and fulfilling our potential to serve as galactic leaders. This is a brilliant guide to this new and essential process in human spiritual evolution.

Paul Von Ward holds graduate degrees in government and psychology from Harvard and Florida State University. He served in the US Navy and as a Foreign Service Officer for the US State Department. He lives in Dahlonega, GA. Author website: www.vonward.com


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