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Beyond Limitations

By: Stuart Wilson

Price: CAD $21.99

Publisher: Ozark Mountain Publishing

Imprint: Ozark Mountain Publishing

168 Pages

8.15 X 5.91 X 0.35 ins

ISBN:  9781886940406 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 12/01/2012

This channeled information from an angelic source called Alariel opens up a new way of exploring the mystery of who we are. It offers a new understanding of life and provides a complete answer to the question, "How do we create our own reality?"

  • The detailed Basic Mechanism of how reality creation works.
  • How to integrate reality creation into the 2012 experience.
  • The Parallels between our inner structure and the way we create reality.
  • The Three Realities
  • Three Key Relationships
  • The Seven Steps of Co-Creation
  • Instantaneous Creation
  • The Limiting Protocols
  • Timelines and Lifelines
  • The Way of Light

Because this book reveals so much information for the first time, it is a revolutionary text which takes you on a journey of self-discovery. It gives you the ability to see your life within a much larger context, and can inspire you to create a better reality that is more in tune with your aspirations and your dreams.

Stuart Wilson was born in Exmouth in the West of England. He came from a conventional background and went to a Scottish public school (Fettes in Edin-burgh). However his mother was fascinated by theosophy and the writings of Alice Bailey, and this led to Stuart's lifelong interest in esoteric teachings and the Eastern and Western wisdom traditions. After service in the RAF on Christmas Island in the Pacific, he entered advertising as an agency copywriter, rising over some years to become an advertising manager for an industrial company. He then retrained as a counselor and set up a small publishing business, which he later sold to concentrate on writing. He wrote two best-selling name dictionaries, including Simply the Best Baby Name Book, and moved in 1990 to help his friend Joanna Prentis with the development of the Starlight Centre in mid-Devon.

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