The Forgotten Promise

Rejoining Our Cosmic Family

By: Sherry Wilde

Price: CAD $22.99


Imprint: Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc.

192 Pages

8.46 X 6.77 X 0.43 ins

ISBN:  9781886940482 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 03/24/2014

This is the story of one woman's life-long interaction with beings from another world, and her journey to go beyond the fear to find meaning and purpose. In this book she explores the abduction experience and shares with you the three important things they insisted she learn.
It is the author's belief that most people in this world have had at least one encounter with a being from another dimension or planet. Trying to integrate these kinds of events into your life, and still live what the world would consider a normal life, is pretty much impossible.
This book is not only a recounting of her experiences, but the story of how she discovered that, like most things, it is possible to turn the worst thing in your life into something positive, just by choosing to look at it from a different perspective.

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