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Aspects of the Divine Feminine Past & Present

By: Susanne Schaup

Price: CAD $27.95

Publisher: Nicolas-Hays

Imprint: Nicolas-Hays

235 Pages

8.27 X 5.43 X 0.63 ins

ISBN:  9780892540365 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 06/01/1975

Rachel Hillel brings the skills, discipline, & understanding of a therapist trained in clinical psychology & Jungian analysis to the service of the redemption of the erotic soul by looking into women analysand's dreams. The exiled terrain of female passion, erotic & sensuous, is explored in chapters such as "The Vulva Dream," "Healing the Wounded Vulva Dream," "The Holy Communion Dream." The Sacred Priestess, a votary of the goddess divinity, & the ordinary prostitute are themes in Hillel's search for feminine balance. The sacred transformative principles of the love goddess point to an ultimate reality to be restored in human consciousness. Hillel's penetrating insight reveals ways that modern day women can relate to their own erotic-sensual energies & regain soulful unity.

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