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Parenting the Children of Now

Practicing Health, Spirit, and Awareness to Transcend Generations

By: Meg Losey Blackburn, PhD

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Imprint: Weiser

176 Pages

8.07 X 6.1 X 0.47 ins

ISBN:  9781578634606 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 09/06/2012

Parenting is a wondrous journey that comes with no instruction manual. Most of the insecurities that we have as parents come from our own issues, behavioral patterns and the defense mechanisms that we have developed as a result of our subconscious fears and the perceptions we develop about life in general. Sometimes with our kids we feel powerless to respond or guide them because what they are going through are things we never mastered ourselves. We don't always have the skills it takes to healthfully process our experiences or to deal with them in constructive ways. Instead, we often bury those experiences deep within our psyche. Literally, we often propagate dysfunction without even being aware of it.

Parenting the Children of Now takes an in your face look at how we can overcome the things that make us insecure, unhappy, unfulfilled, and further teaches us how to live fully and honestly from a place of ease and confidence. Once we have achieved that then we have a phenomenal set of life skills that make parenting the joy and pleasure it is meant to be. Parenting the Children of Now could have been called a handbook for life. It is simple to read, easy to apply to everyday living and further, connects these basic skills to child rearing from an entirely new perspective. The exercises at the end of each chapter first help the parent achieve these skills and then help the parent teach the same healthful lessons to their children.


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