Book Cover - Waking Up in the Spiritual Age

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Waking Up in the Spiritual Age

By: Dan Bird

Price: CAD $16.00

Publisher: Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc

Imprint: Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc

112 Pages

8.66 X 5.47 X 0.24 ins

ISBN:  9781940265339 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 06/06/2016

A major spiritual shift is occurring in this world, and more people are experiencing unexpected phenomena in their daily lives. We might notice unusual "signs" or have intuitive thoughts, randomly hear a song a past friend or relative loved or smell a perfume that triggers a strong memory. Most often these are tossed aside as coincidences and immediately forgotten. But what if there were no coincidences, and everything happened for a reason? What if we know much more than we think, but simply haven't learned to pay attention to what is really happening around us?

This book is for those who are experiencing this shift but are not sure of what they are feeling. It is an introduction of sorts for "newly awakening individuals who feel there is more to life than what they are aware of through their 5 senses. What if those intuitive thoughts and dreams are messages? What is their purpose? Dr. Dan Bird believes they can help us make sense of why we are here and guide us to our highest potential and goals. He says that this help is available to all of us; we just need to be aware of it. If you are ready to begin your own spiritual journey, this book is for you!

Dr. Dan Bird has been interested in spiritual topics since he was a teenager. Though he was raised loosely in a religious community and attended a parochial school from grades 3 through 12, he had questions that were not satisfactorily answered within the views of the church. He earned a doctorate in education from the University of Nebraska with a focus on the use of technology in the schools.

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