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The Greenbelt

Protecting and Cultivating a Great Ontario Treasure

By: Burkhard Mausberg

Price: CAD $29.95


Imprint: Barlow Book Publishing

216 Pages

7.09 X 10.47 X 0.83 ins

ISBN:  9781988025162 -- Hardcover

Publication Date: 04/17/2017

This beautiful coffee-table book is a portrait of Ontario's Greenbelt and the people who nurture it. Stretching from the Niagara Peninsula to Tobermory and Rice Lake - with farmland, forests, and watersheds - the Greenbelt is the largest protected peri-urban urban green space in the world. To be published 12 years after the Greenbelt was founded, The Greenbelt is bursting with gorgeous photography that will inspire and delight anyone who has walked its trails, driven its roads, or tasted its fresh bounty. Burkhard Mausberg, CEO of the Greenbelt Foundation and one of the key players in the protection of its natural beauty, tells the story of how the Greenbelt was established, including interviews with former Ontario premiers Dalton McGuinty, Mike Harris, and Bill Davis. The book also celebrates the people who live in the Greenbelt - artists, farmers, entrepreneurs, cyclists, mountain climbers, and so many others who have been enriched by what makes us quintessentially Canadian: our land. Anyone who appreciates the beauty of Ontario, and especially the allure of its farms and hamlets, waterfalls and caves, fields and trails, will find this book an essential and compelling read.

Silver medal winner, Benjamin Franklin Award, Independent Book Publishers Association

"My hat's off to Burkhard - This book shows what fans of the Greenbelt have known for many years: the work of environmental protection can have enduring substance and be sexy at the same time." - Sarah Harmer, musician

"This remarkable book tells the Greenbelt's story through the eyes of its exceptional people and with beautiful photography. Burkhard has created a gem." - David Crombie, former Mayor of Toronto

"A terrific story about the history and the characters involved in the creation of the Greenbelt. As Ontarians, our lives and the lives of future generations are forever indebted to these visionaries." - Sonja Smits, Actress, vineyard owner, farmer's daughter

"Congratulations to Burkhard Mausberg, who has brought all the Greenbelt voices together, singing in harmony to create this wonderful book." - Jamie Kennedy, C.M., Chef

"A beautiful book that illustrates the real power of the greatest Greenbelt in the world." - Dalton McGuinty, former Ontario Premier

"The book captures the history of Ontario's Greenbelt very well. The beautiful photographs complement the great storytelling." - Bill Davis, former Ontario Premier

"Burkhard has done a great job in telling the stories of the fascinating people that make this Greenbelt so special." - Mike Harris, former Ontario Premier

Burkhard Mausberg is the CEO of the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation and the Greenbelt Fund. A leader in Ontario's environmental/food sector, Mausberg has worked for charities and non-profit groups for almost three decades. Before joining the Greenbelt Foundation, he directed the programs of the Ivey Foundation. Mausberg was also CEO of several environmental organizations, which he transformed into essential forces for change. Mausberg cut his teeth at Pollution Probe, has served on several NGO boards, and writes widely on vital issues in diverse settings. Mausberg studied environmental science at the University of Waterloo and the University of Toronto, where he also taught for eight years. He lives in Toronto with his three daughters.

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