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Twenty-First Century School Assembly and Classroom Activities Book/CD

By: Will Ryan

Price: CAD $44.95

Publisher: Independent Thinking Press

Imprint: Independent Thinking Press

224 Pages

10.98 X 8.35 X 0.59 ins

ISBN:  9781781350072 -- Mixed Media Product

Publication Date: 04/30/2014

If you did the calculations you would discover that during their primary school years, a child will spend roughly 70 days in assembly, and possibly a further 52 days during their secondary years. This can be either time that is simply lost and forgotten or hours that can be used to make a difference - to create confident individuals and responsible, deep-thinking citizens for the future. For young people growing up in the twenty-first century, life can seem very complex with many things to worry about: issues such as global warming, depleted natural resources and how we can all live together harmoniously in rapidly changing communities. The generation of children currently passing through our schools will have to resolve these issues for us. This will be achieved partly through the skills and intelligence they gather and partly through the development of a spiritual intelligence that will enable them to become good citizens and do the right things at the right time - which is the focus of this unique book. Will Ryan has created a resource that will allow busy school leaders and teachers to deliver outstanding assemblies that make a beneficial impression on the lives of the young people listening.

Part I, Our World in the Twenty-First Century, aims to help children to become responsible global citizens who will help to change the world for the better. While Part 2, Creating Responsible Citizens in Our Schools and Communities, aims to promote a sense of aspiration and ambition within learners and also provide ideas for how they can make a positive difference to the school and the locality.

Each assembly idea is presented in three ways:

Three Star Assemblies: 'Help, I've hardly any time to plan an assembly!' For these assemblies, you can simply pick up the book and read the story or account and follow the activities planned.
Four Star Assemblies: These are for the occasions when you've got a bit longer to prepare, gather resources or get the children involved.
Five Star Assemblies: Perhaps it is because Ofsted are about to arrive, but you want this assembly to be the best assembly ever!

The book is aimed at Key Stages 2 and 3 (ages 7 - 14) and contains beautiful and thought-provoking colour photographs throughout, which are included on a free accompanying CD, making it even easier to jump straight into outstanding assemblies. The resources are also ideal for circle times, citizenship or PSHE lessons and philosophy for children (P4C) sessions.

Will Ryan has worked in schools in Rotherham, South Yorkshire for over thirty years as a teacher, head teacher and Local Authority Adviser. As a head teacher he led a school that prized itself on genuine pupil creativity and was described by Ofsted as 'outstanding'. He is a speaker and Associate of Independent Thinking Ltd.


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