Book Cover - Mick Waters Introduces: Learning through a lens

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Mick Waters Introduces: Learning through a lens

It's all about photography

Series: Mick Waters Introduces Series

By: Jane Hewitt & Mick Waters

Price: CAD $39.95

Publisher: Independent Thinking Press

Imprint: Independent Thinking Press

200 Pages

8.27 X 11.02 ins

ISBN:  9781781351147 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 04/10/2014

This full colour book will show you how to use photography in the classroom across all subjects.

Sometimes there are real barriers to learning - whether social or cultural or simply ability or motivation - but photography has something to offer everyone: it provides a vehicle for either teamwork or self-discovery, inspiration, wonder, exploring hidden depths in iconic images, and subsequent philosophical questions. It allows for creativity but also for structure, freedom and rigour. It gets beneath the surface and beyond the obvious.

Subjects covered in this book include:
  • Camera basics - composition, camera functions, basic uploading, editing, printing and presentation
  • Self-portraits - self discovery, all about me, secrets, hidden depths, expressions
  • Dear Photo - putting old photos into a scene, then and now
  • Using Tiny People to create whole new worlds, scenes and stories providing real scope for creativity and fun
  • Using images for philosophical discussion
  • Looking at the local community and how to use images such as street art for project based activities<
For use by all teachers, parents, youth workers and anyone wanting to teach using photography.

Jane Hewitt taught mainly at secondary level for 30 years. Jane still loves learning, discovering new ideas and photography and is rarely found without a camera around her neck!

Professor Mick Waters is best known as former Director of the Curriculum at the QCA (Qualifications and Curriculum Authority) where he gained an heroic reputation amongst teachers whilst both consulting, advising and explaining the new curriculum; making it relevant and meaningful for professionals working directly with children and young people. A former Headteacher, Mick is passionate about the role of education in improving life chances for pupils and is still very much involved with teaching and learning. He is the President of the Curriculum Foundation and a charismatic speaker who pushes the boundaries to improve learning and make schools better. One of the UK's leading educational mentors brings you the book you have been waiting for!


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