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365 Things To Make You Go Hmmm

A year's worth of class thinking

By: Sparky Teaching

Price: CAD $22.95

Publisher: Independent Thinking Press

Imprint: Independent Thinking Press

200 Pages

7.1 X 5.8 X 0.5 ins

ISBN:  9781781351154 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 06/20/2014

365 Things To Make You Go Hmmm... provides an opportunity a day to develop skills like creative thinking, a sense of wonder, logic and decision-making. The book offers teachers ways to provoke thought and start discussion -- something schemes of work don?t always allow time for.

As the curriculum becomes increasingly content-heavy, it is important to make the time to develop thinking skills; the Hmmms are in turn philosophical, challenging, meta-cognitive, provocative, irreverent and brain-stretching. Use the Hmmms to take your class on a ?controlled tangent? and revel in the joys of questioning, as a five minute activity, or as the starting point for a whole lesson. Complete with a Hmmm-dex to guide you to specific topics such as literacy and numeracy skills, big topics or problem solving, there is a Hmmm for every lesson and for all age groups, primary and secondary. Get thinking and make your classroom sparky!

Topics include:
  • creative thinking
  • mathematical thinking
  • problem-solving
  • critical thinking
  • personal / inter-personal skills
  • a sense of wonder / curiosity about the world.

For use by primary and secondary teachers, parents and children.

Sparky Teaching was launched to help teachers create classrooms where ordinary things are thought about in less than ordinary ways. With a background in primary teaching and speech and language therapy, their goal is to ignite creative thought in teachers and pupils by providing unique teaching resources.


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