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You: Rebranded

be seen, be heard, get noticed

By: Richie Manu

Price: CAD $34.95

Publisher: Independent Thinking Press

Imprint: Independent Thinking Press

176 Pages

7.64 X 8.23 X 0.43 ins

ISBN:  9781781351383 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 12/11/2014

Throughout your career, change is inevitable. As roles, responsibilities and challenges change, so must you. Rebranding and reinventing yourself to adapt to new environments is essential in order to embrace challenges, targets and prospects.

You: Rebranded takes a sideways but forward-thinking look at the changing landscape of work, explores unconventional thinking and practice and provides creative strategies to make you stand out, be distinctive and be equipped for change throughout the different stages of your career.

You: Rebranded is full of advice and creative strategies you need to know about. Whether you are at the start of your career, thinking about a career change, seeking promotions or starting your own business, there is plenty for you here to think about and start making changes. Packed with road tested advice, interviews with industry experts and signposts to further reading, You: Rebranded will change the way you think about your career and much, much more. Invest in yourself with the complete guide to personal branding, standing out from the crowd and future-proofing your skills.

Rethink, React, Rebrand.

  • Identifying how to make your skills future-proof and relevant to more industries
  • Understanding how technology has changed the way we communicate
  • Knowing your industry to give you a competitive edge
  • Developing strategies and techniques to become more distinctive
  • Becoming more aware of the vocabulary you use to describe yourself
  • Adopting fresh perspectives on the notion of challenge, failure and success
  • Exploring how curiosity increases opportunities
  • Understanding the importance of experience and connectivity to increase prospects
  • Creating an appreciation of your support network
  • Learning the importance of being optimised to support your career development.

Richie Manu is an award winning lecturer, designer and creative mentor. With a background in design, branding and communications, he specialises in personal, professional and business development, working with individuals and organisations from all over the world to achieve targets and develop. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has taught at the London College of Fashion, on the International Design Camp Programme in Hong Kong, as well as holding several senior lecturing posts at Central Saint Martins, a world leading centre for art and design in London. Richie combines his experience of both creative practice and academic teaching to empower individuals and businesses to achieve goals with effective strategies and approaches for differentiating themselves and standing out in competitive environments.


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