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We Did It Here!

Inspirational Stories of School Improvement and Classroom Change

By: Brin Best

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Imprint: Crown House Publishing

272 Pages

8.94 X 6.5 X 0.79 ins

ISBN:  9781845900892 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 06/01/2008

This inspirational book tells the story of how school leaders and teachers have made dramatic improvements in their schools, thanks to a special blend of vision, creativity and determination. Our current education system is replete with new initiatives, government programmes, imposed targets and national tests. For many working in education today this has stifled creativity, innovation and motivation. When confronted with exciting findings from educational research and inspirational training courses that could benefit schools, the response, 'but we couldn't do that at our school' is frequently heard. It seems that many of those working in our schools have become disenchanted with change and disempowered from creating a brighter future for our children.

Using up-to-date case studies from a range of secondary schools, We Did It Here! shows how others have brought about dramatic changes in their schools. It showcases outstanding and inspirational practice from schools throughout the country. During a tour of some of the finest educational practice today, the book details how you too can learn from the schools featured and put meaningful change into place in your school. The issues addressed include:
  • Turning around a failing inner city school
  • Creating partnerships with the community
  • Focussing on learning
  • Embedding ICT and e-learning
  • Creating an enterprise school
  • Regeneration through school collaboration
The book concludes with a chapter on learning the lessons of these case studies and Brin's own vision of how to bringing about effective change in your school, department or classroom. We Did It Here! will make you think afresh about just what you can achieve in your school and challenge you to lift your horizons.

Brin Best has been working in and around schools for 15 years and has taught at every age range from primary school right up to university masters level. He began his career as a secondary school teacher, and soon found himself as head of geography at Settle High School & Community College, situated in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. Following lots of hard work, his department and students received a number of prestigious awards. He also had a role as a development officer at this school, leading fundraising and marketing activities. Brin is now director of Innovation for Education Ltd. He now works with hundreds of schools every year in a support capacity as well as leading training courses and writing books and articles for teachers and school leaders. He has chaired several national conferences on education themes and is a regular speaker at high profile events across the country. He recently featured in a series of professional development films for Teachers' TV. He has also been the editor of various professional periodicals, including School Financial Management, which he edited for seven years. Creativity and the exciting possibilities of change permeate all of Brin's work. He believes that children and young people are capable of amazing things if we give them the tools and the emotional support they need to reach their potential.


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