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Clean Language

Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds

By: Wendy Sullivan & Judy Rees

Price: CAD $29.95


Imprint: Crown House Publishing

240 Pages

9.21 X 6.14 X 0.7 ins

ISBN:  9781845901257 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 10/01/2008

Would you like better relationships, a deeper understanding of the people around you, and a simple yet powerful way to help them achieve their life goals?

Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds can offer all this and more. This book will teach you a new way to communicate which gets to the heart of things! By asking Clean Language questions to explore the metaphors which underpin a person's thinking, you can help people to change their lives in a way that intrinsically respects diversity and supports empowerment. Both you and they will gain profound new insights into what makes them tick.

Devised by David Grove, this elegant and powerful questioning technique is simple to learn and opens a door to a new way of thinking about how people's minds actually work by using metaphor. If you want to truly understand people, to motivate them, or to help them to change, you'll find it much easier when you use Clean Language to ask the questions that really matter.

The approach was originally used to help clients to resolve deep trauma. It is now being used to get to the truth and to cut through complex problems by some of the sharpest and most innovative people in the world, such as business people, coaches, educators, health professionals and many others. In this book, two of the world?s top specialists in Clean Language bring this fascinating new approach within reach. Expect to change the way you think about the way we think!

Essential reading for coaches, healthcare professionals, parents, business people, teachers, therapists and anyone who wants to improve his or her communication skills.

Wendy Sullivan is a specialist international trainer of Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling who has worked extensively with the founders of that field - Penny Tompkins, James Lawley and David Grove.

X-Ray Listener Judy Rees is a journalist and author, entrepreneur and marketer who loves connecting people and ideas. She is an expert in applying Clean Language - originally a therapy technique - in business contexts. She uses this precise approach to listening, questioning and metaphor to reveal people's tacit knowledge and to help them develop businesses, make personal changes, and create systems, products and services which fit their customers perfectly.


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