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Warriors, Settlers & Nomads

Discovering Who We Are And What We Can Be

By: Terence Watts

Price: CAD $29.95


Imprint: Crown House Publishing

240 Pages

9.02 X 6.54 X 0.63 ins

ISBN:  9781899836482 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 10/01/2010

Are you a Warrior? Are you a Settler? Are you a Nomad? Based upon the concept of evolutionary psychology this is a guide to self-discovery and self-liberation. Warriors, Settlers & Nomads utilises powerful hypnosis and visualisation techniques in a programme designed to release our hidden potential. It provides unique personal growth strategies that enable us to discover who we really are.

Terence Watts has a truly eclectic background. In the years before he began his long running love affair with the world of therapy and the human psyche, he had applied his skills to careers as diverse as professional dancing, electronic engineering and computer programming - and many others in between. His wealth of life experience is clearly reflected in his lively approach to therapy and his constant striving for better methods and better results. As well as being a popular lecturer and teacher, he runs a successful practice from his Essex consulting rooms.

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