Book Cover - Too Fat or Too Thin?

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Too Fat or Too Thin?

A Reference Guide to Eating Disorders

By: Cynthia Kalodner

Price: CAD $34.95


Imprint: Crown House Publishing

240 Pages

9.21 X 6.04 ins

ISBN:  9781904424857 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 09/01/2005

The deluge of information regarding eating disorders can be mystifying and misleading. It's often difficult knowing where to begin and who to trust. This practical resource guide for students and parents dispels the myths surrounding eating disorders by providing factual and historical information on how our understanding of theses problems has evolved. Chapters on anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, compulsive overeating, and other disorders use case studies and current research to describe and explain symptoms, dangers and current theories about what causes such disorders.

Medical and psychological issues are thoroughly discussed in a manner accessible for students. Psychological therapies and other forms of treatment are described, providing each treatment's history and effectiveness. Other chapters focus on the prevention of eating problems, the relationship between image disturbances and popular culture and controversies in the field of diagnosis and treatment.

Cynthia R. Kalodner PhD is director of the Counseling Psychology program at Towson University and a licensed psychologist. She has written extensively about eating disorders and disturbances and has made presentations across the USA.

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