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Seventy Summits

Life in the Mountains

By: Vern Tejas & Lew Freedman

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Imprint: Blue River Press

256 Pages

9.33 X 6.3 X 0.79 ins

ISBN:  9781681570471 -- Hardcover

Publication Date: 08/31/2017

As a mountain climbing guide, it was Vern Tejas's job to climb the tallest and most dangerous mountains in the world. Always rebellious, Tejas never met a challenge he couldn't overcome, even the daunting task of climbing Mount Everest. In fact, he climbed all of the tallest mountains on each of the seven continents more than ten times each. Seventy Summits is his tale of the beauty, danger, and surprising freedom of mountain climbing and what it has given him throughout his life.

Climb Mt. McKinley with Tejas as he battles extreme cold. Scale Aconcagua and its windy peaks. Mont Blanc provides beautiful views, but Mt. Elbrus towers over the European continent. "The Roof of Africa" is attempted by 35,000 people each year, but Mt. Kilimanjaro isn't as friendly as it looks and many people get hypothermia on this tropical mountain. Antarctica's Mt. Vinson boasts the last true frontier, a costly climbing trip that keeps getting more and more expensive. Take a break on Mt Koscuiszko. As Australia's tallest mountain, it's practically a stroll in the park at 7310 feet. Finally, join Tejas on the tallest mountain in the world: Mt. Everest. Better yet, read about him doing all of them ten times each.

Vern Tejas is a mountain climber and guide from Mahwah, New Jersey. He currently holds the world record for fastest climb of the Seven Summits and was the first person to solo summit Mt. Vinson in Antarctica as well as several other mountains. He was named one of the top fifty Alaskan athletes of the 20th century by Sports Illustrated and was inducted into the Alaska Sports Hall of fame in 2012.

Lew Freedman is the author of more than 90 books including dozens of biographies for adult and school aged readers. He also enjoyed a long career as a journalist and newspaper editor for the Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer and the Anchorage Daily News. The author currently resides in Columbus, Indiana.


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