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Summer Wind

A Soldier's Road from Indiana to Vietnam

By: Roxanne Mills & Randy Mills

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Imprint: Blue River Press

288 Pages

8.5 X 5.51 X 0.75 ins

ISBN:  9781681570693 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 10/16/2017

The fascinating and heartbreaking story of Indiana soldier Dick Wolfe was preserved in scores of letters he sent home to family and friends and sent to him in Vietnam from July 1967 to early January of 1968. On the rare days Wolfe spent at relatively large base camps in Vietnam, he penned long, detailed letters to his wife, mother, and friends. Most of his correspondence, however, was written in brief snatches in a tent-covered hole by the light of a single candle at primitive night defensive positions.

Dick Wolfe's letters held little back. He told in great detail of the all-but-unbearable heat and humidity and of rain episodes of epic proportions. He described huge and often bizarre-looking insects and snakes he encountered wading through stinking and muddy waist-high water and episodes of fierce fighting. Dick Wolfe's letters also shed light on the complexities of an American army rifle company in Vietnam at the apex of the war, revealing the budding friendships and bonding among the thrown-together group of young American men of Alpha Company.

The authors of Summer Wind: The Vietnam War letters of Richard "Dick" Wolfe have quickened this unique correspondence and brought it fully to life. Using materials such as personal interviews, diary accounts, personal journals of the men who served with Dick Wolfe, official military reports, recorded air-to-ground conversations, newspaper articles, memoir pieces, and military history accounts of the Second Battalion, Eighteenth Infantry of the First Division, the authors weave together a tale with the greatest amount of context, delivering an astounding awareness of the incredible stress of combat - both on combatants and the - folks back home.

The story is a real-time chronicling of the impact of the war on all concerned - family, friends, and the community where Dick Wolfe grew up - written with a simple eloquence that puts flesh on the skeleton of an understanding of war's pervasive and lasting effects.

Roxanne Mills is an author and an Associate Professor of English at Oakland City University in Oakland City, Indiana. She is the co-author of Unexpected Journey: A Marine Corps Reserve Company in the Korean War. Her work has been featured in journals and magazines such as Traces of Indiana and Midwest History, and Indiana Magazine of History, among others

Randy Mills is a professor of the social sciences at Oakland City University. He is the co-author of Unexpected Journey: A Marine Corps Reserve Company in the Korean War, the well-received case study of the call-up of Marine Reservists during the Korean conflict. His articles have been featured in Connections: The Hoosier Genealogist, among other publications.


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