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Your Happiest You

The Care & Keeping of Your Mind and Spirit

Series: Care & Keeping Series

By: Judy Woodburn

Price: CAD $14.99


Imprint: American Girl Publishing

112 Pages

7.76 X 5.47 X 0.35 ins

ISBN:  9781683370208 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 08/28/2017

You already know a lot about caring for your body. But did you know that a little care and keeping are great for your mind and spirit, too? This book is full of tips, activities, and ideas - plus advice from girls like you - to help you...

feel calmer
be more confident
find your strengths
have more fun
truly connect with the people you love
smile inside
bounce back from setbacks
get inspired
focus on what matters and be the happy YOU you're meant to be.

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