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Doll Hangouts

Make special spaces your doll can call her very own

By: Emily Osborn

Price: CAD $31.99


Imprint: American Girl Publishing

32 Pages

7.28 X 10 X 1.06 ins

ISBN:  9781683370215 -- Mixed Media Product

Publication Date: 08/28/2017

Every girl has a favorite place to hang out. Whether that means curling up with a blanket on a window bench or playing in a pillow fort, this book will help girls bring the magic of those special spaces to their doll.

Create cozy nooks and hideaways for your doll and her friends using the supplies in this kit:
  • 32-page how-to-book in English
  • 1 tote bag
  • 3 sheets of paper for posers and flags for a snow fort
  • 1 sheet of paper with coloring-page posters and banner circles
  • 1 poster-size sheet of paper for an umbrella
  • 4 sheets of punch-out card stock for an MP2 player, a tablet, clubhouse signs, a beach sign, a library sign, a pizza and pizza box, letters, snowman accessories, and more!



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