Book Cover - Jimmy Tornado Tome 1 - Atlas ne répond plus

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Jimmy Tornado

Jimmy Tornado Tome 1 - Atlas ne répond plus

By: Antoine Frédéric

Price: CAD $16.95

Publisher: Adventure Press

Imprint: Adventure Press

64 Pages

10.47 X 8.78 X 0.39 ins

ISBN:  9782897512842 -- Hardcover

Publication Date: 08/31/2017

Retrouvez Jimmy et Lupé Tornado alors quéils parcourent la planète pour enquêter sur des mystères scientifiques et des phénomènes fantastiques, en espérant un jour retrouver la trace de leur père disparu lors d'une expédition archéologique.

Frédéric Antoine spent his childhood with his nose buried in comic books. Later he discovered role-playing games, giving him a chance to exercise his talent as a storyteller. A fan of films, travel and games, Frédéric continues to build his world, with his own brand of humor. After living in France, Africa and Martinique, Frédéric finally settled in Quebec almost 20 years ago.


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