Book Cover - A Course in Mysticism and Miracles

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A Course in Mysticism and Miracles

Begin Your Spiritual Adventure

By: Jon Mundy

Price: CAD $35.95


Imprint: Weiser Books

320 Pages

8.98 X 5.98 X 0.71 ins

ISBN:  9781578636013 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 03/23/2018

In this book, Jon Mundy explores the tenets of mysticism and the teachings of A Course in Miracles, a book now regarded as a modern spiritual classic. Mysticism is the core of all true religions, and its teachings offer a way, or a path, to living in harmony with the Divine. The course offers deep insight into the workings of the mind. When studied together, they provide spiritual awakening, clarity, and understanding.

Both informative and inspirational, A Course in Mysticism and Miracles can motivate us to do the work required to develop a contemplative life. Its insights reveal that a life of peace is available to us all.

"If you want to know about mysticism, this is the place to look." - Marianne Williamson

Jon Mundy, PhD, is the executive director of All Faiths Seminary International in New York City and the author of Living A Course in Miracles. Visit him at www.drjonmundy.com


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