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Saints and Mystics Reading Cards

By: Andrés Engracia

Price: CAD $31.95

Publisher: Rockpool Publishing

Imprint: Rockpool Publishing

120 Pages

7.6 X 5.24 X 1.14 ins

ISBN:  9781925429282 -- Kit

Publication Date: 06/18/2018

Saints and Mystics Reading Cards takes the reader through time to discover the secrets and teachings of the revered mystics and saints across the globe.

The beautifully illustrated 36-card deck brings to life the stories and mystical knowledge of some of history's most fascinating spiritual and mystical figures. From Nostradamus and Marie Laveau to St. Jude, Isaac Newton, and Saint Sebastian, each card unlocks key facts about these inspiring men and women along with psychic tips on connecting to their great wisdom and eternal spirits.

Andrés Engracia is a psychic medium and artist who connects with his Spanish-Mexican ancestry line of clairvoyant psychics and brujas to bring understanding of the connections between cultural and mystical practices. He has studied various forms of metaphysical practices and now devotes his time to conducting workshops on spiritual and intuitive art development.


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