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Ultra Marathon Mom

From the Sahara to the Arctic

By: Holly Zimmermann

Price: CAD $21.95


Imprint: Meyer & Meyer Sport

200 Pages

5.51 X 8.5 X 0.83 ins

ISBN:  9781782551393 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 05/10/2018

With condemning comments and dubious looks from other moms, Holly Zimmermann, mother of four young children, endeavors to take on some of the world?s most difficult and dangerous foot races.

A grueling 257-kilometer ultramarathon through the Sahara Desert, written in a daily journal-style format, is the core of the story. The brutally hot days of running under a scorching sun, living on granola bars and nuts, and the ice-cold nights sleeping on the ground of an open tent during a sand storm are balanced with heartwarming stories of friendship and comradery. Interspersed between the adventures in the Sahara, Holly recalls a race up the snow-covered Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany, and being chased for half a mile by a rabid sheep, having a falcon drag its talons across her head, and how two bombs went off before her eyes at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

After having conquered the Sahara Desert, the setting for her next challenge shifted to the opposite extreme at the end of that same year: Greenland, for the Polar Circle Marathon. Temperatures cold enough to cause frostbite within minutes and gale force winds greeted the runners at the starting line on the Arctic ice cap. With chains on her running shoes and four layers of clothing, the book goes on to describe the most beautiful sunset imaginable: hues of pink, gold, and red shimmering off the blue and silver of the ice below her feet.

What makes this book distinctive are the Forrest-Gump-like happenstances which occur throughout, brought in as flashbacks between the days and nights in the desert. A colorful cast of characters as training partners include the world champion of ultradistance cycling as well as the grandson of Italian fashion icon Salvatore Ferragamo.

Training, planning, and gear for ultramarathons as well as nutritional tips for fueling the body in preparation and during such events are also described, always with a touch of sarcastic humor.

Ultramarathon Mom: From the Sahara to the Arctic tells a unique story and delivers an impactful message: live your dreams.

Holly Zimmermann is an athlete in the world of extreme sports, taking part in events ranging from mountain and desert ultras, mud runs, and endurance bike races to running a marathon on the Arctic ice sheet. She holds a master?s degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as an MBA and worked for many years in research and development for military applications before moving to Germany where she now lives with her husband and four children. Holly is an enthusiastic vegan and encourages a healthy lifestyle not only within her family but also through motivational speaking in companies, schools, at sporting events, and for local charities.


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