Book Cover - Old Whiskers Escapes!

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Old Whiskers Escapes!

A True White House Tale

By: Donna Griffin

Price: CAD $27.95

Publisher: Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site, Inc.

Imprint: Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site, Inc.

32 Pages

11 X 8.5 ins

ISBN:  0999457004 -- Hardcover

Publication Date: 06/21/2018

Old Whiskers' Escape is a children's picture book that tells the true story - reported by newspapers of the day - of President Benjamin Harrison's pet goat that lived on the White House grounds. The goat often was spotted taking the president's grandchildren on wagon rides on the lawn but one day escaped with Grandson Baby McKee in tow. In a scene that would be impossible in today's age of Secret Service staffing and presidential security, President Harrison - upon discovering the goat was missing - went running down Pennsylvania Avenue in hot pursuit, his top hat in one hand and cane in the other. The story, delightful in its own right, will offer readers surprising insight into Indianas only president, the popularity of presidential pets at the White House during the 19th Century, and the enduring relationships between grandparents and their grandchildren - regardless of grandpa's station in life. Written by Donna Griffin and illustrated by Gary Varvel, the book includes four pages of rich historical sidebars, including primary sources documenting the great goat caper, fun facts about presidential pets, and information about the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site in Indianapolis, a museum home that tells the life story of America's centennial president.

"This goat book is the G.O.A.T. It's easier to devour than a tin can!" - Alexandra Petri,The Washington Post

"A charming kids' tale from a bygone era when the toughest problem of the day for Benjamin Harrison, our 23rd president, was his runaway pet goat Old Whiskers. Harrison's take-charge remedy -- chasing down the goat that was pulling a cart with his grandchildren into streets around the White House -- could be cheered by Americans of all political stripes." - Deborah Pines, The New York Post.

Donna Griffin lives in Greenfield, Indiana. She has been a writer, editor, and teacher for more than 30 years. A native Hoosier, she served as editor and general manager of the Times-Post weekly newspaper in Pendleton, Indiana, and also worked at newspapers in Central Indiana for 16 years, owning and operating her own weekly newspaper. She is president and CEO of Dani's Dreams Innovation in Education Corp., a media education non-profit that provides young people of all ages a chance to "Create, Explore, Discover," and she works as Student Publications Adviser at Arsenal Technical High School in Indianapolis. Griffin is the author of The Twelve Days of Christmas in Indiana published in 2014 by Sterling Publishing, New York. The board book edition of The Twelve Days of Christmas in Indiana came out in fall 2017.

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