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Pure & Simple

17 Primitive Projects Inspired by the Seasons

By: Maggie Bonanomi

Price: CAD $39.99


Imprint: Martingale

96 Pages

10.87 X 8.43 X 0.31 ins

ISBN:  9781604689013 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 05/17/2018

Follow this celebrated maker on a creative journey inspired by a simpler time. In Maggie Bonanomis world, hand-drawn patterns and hand-dyed wool combine with artful motifs and casual stitches. The result is a plain-and-simple collection of primitive projects that are a delight make, use, and enjoy.

No fancy skills to learn, no expensive tools to buy: a needle, thread, and wool are all you need to begin. Create pillows, runners and toppers, wall art, and even clever vegetables crafted into sewing essentials, including a pincushion and scissors keeper - make them in minutes to warm up any nook or cranny.

Maggie Bonanomi can't remember a time when she wasn't creating something, whether it was sewing doll clothes with her mother, decorating her room as a teen, or creating things for her home when she got married. Her two daughters had their share of handmade items when they were growing up.

Maggie is particularly inspired by the early to mid-nineteenth century, and she likes to design what she would want to live with. Her colors are dark or muted and the designs are primitive, bordering on traditional. She does not embellish, and she uses one thread, Coats and Clark Summer Brown, because it works so well. Maggie has a shop called The Purple Turnip on Main Street in Lexington, Missouri.


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