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The Naked Opus

Growing Your Family Wealth for the Long Term

By: Chris Delaney

Price: CAD $26.95

Publisher: Milner & Associates Inc.

Imprint: Milner & Associates Inc.

224 Pages

8.98 X 6.02 X 0.47 ins

ISBN:  9781988344010 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 08/24/2018

You spend a lifetime accumulating assets and building a wealth, not only to make a good life for yourself, but also to create a legacy for your family. So why is the estate planning process so often inadequate to the task? Why does the focus on technical aspects, such as tax planning and trusts, feel unsatisfying, even hollow and frustrating, to clients and advisors alike?

The Naked Opus reveals a novel approach to estate planning - a more fulfilling, holistic and purposeful way to pass your wealth on to your heirs, and to ensure it endures for generations to come:

  • Transforms estate planning from a technical moment designed simply to transition assets, into a creative process that fosters stewardship and continues to generate wealth for future generations.
  • Outlines a four-step SMRT planning process - a strategic, multidisciplinary approach that's focused on the family's core values and goals - to reveal what is most important and uniquely yours, to pass on and protect.
  • Explains that family wealth goes far beyond financial assets and shows how to create an Abundant Estate to avoid the entropy that erodes wealth over the long term.
  • Offers a framework to handle complex family dynamics and challenging interpersonal situations.
  • Presents a new model for sustainable succession planning in an entertaining way; learn about the Abundant Estate while reading the engaging story of Rick Gilmour and his clients and colleagues.

With The Naked Opus as your guide, you can peel back the layers of your family situation, discover the purpose behind your planning, safeguard the fruits of your life's work, and write your own powerful, authentic family story - a legacy that will last for generation to come.

Chris Delaney is an author and a keynote speaker. He is also a member of the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners which is the leading international organization for trust and estate professionals. He is also a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and the Purposeful Planning Institute in Denver, Colorado. Chris is a frequent speaker on strategic family wealth planning and business transition planning in such diverse locations as London, England; Calgary, Alberta; Toronto, Ontario; Ann Arbor, Michigan; and Montreaux, Switzerland. He has spent the last thirteen years as a lawyer working with families of wealth to create thoughtful and purposeful estate and business succession plans. Chris lives in London, Ontario.


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