ExecutiveHealth.com's Leading Under Pressure

Strategies to Avoid Burnout, Increase Energy, and Improve Your Well-being

By: Gabriela Cora
Foreword by: Bill Yang

Price: CAD $22.99

Publisher: Red Wheel Weiser

Imprint: Career Press

256 Pages

8.25 X 5.25 X 0.5 ins

ISBN:  9781601631282 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 09/20/2010

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, stress-related disorders are fast becoming the most prevalent reason for worker disability. Millions of CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals are thinking, planning, and scheming about how to stretch a 24-hour day into an endless and productive workday. Burnt-out, energy depleted, and constantly stressed, many find themselves unable to take pleasure in their hard-earned position.

Leading Under Pressure summarizes the many challenges such professionals face. In it, you will discover:
  • Lessons learned from corporate and entrepreneurial CEOs.
  • Ways to avoid burnout.
  • Proven ways to integrate individual health with organizational health.
  • Effective strategies to maximize your peak performance and productivity while also maximizing your health and well-being.

    Dr. Gaby Cora works with people and organizations that want to remain healthy as they become wealthy. A renaissance woman, she's a wellness doctor and coach to executives and entrepreneurs. Dr. Cora is a medical doctor with a master's in business administration, a keynote speaker, board-certified psychiatrist, spouse and mother of two young adults. She has been interviewed by CNN, FOX, NBC, Lifetime television, the New York Times, Forbes, and Business Week. Dr. Cora is president of the Executive Health & Wealth Institute, managing partner of the Florida Neuroscience Center, chapter chair for the Women Presidents? Organization and director of the American Psychiatric Foundation. She lives in Miami with her family and their Border Collies. Her website is www.DrGabyCora.com


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