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Body Language Sales Secrets

How to Read Prospects and Decode Subconscious Signals to Get Results and Close the Deal

By: Maryann Karinch & Jim McCormick

Price: CAD $24.99

Publisher: Red Wheel Weiser

Imprint: Career Press

240 Pages

8.98 X 6.02 X 0.59 ins

ISBN:  9781632651181 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 12/27/2017

Ordinary salespeople sell. Extraordinary sales professionals engage. Part of what sets them apart is their ability to understand body language, both their prospect's and their own, and use it to their advantage.

Body Language Sales Secrets directly addresses the need of sales professionals to help them:

Baseline their prospects - recognize the body language that says "I'm at ease with you right now."
Identify the ways a prospect expresses stress.
Spot their prospects - moment-to-moment nonverbal cues.
Understand how and why a prospect's body language can send very different messages within minutes.
Better yet, after identifying a change in body language, know exactly what to do to either capitalize on it or counter it.
How to apply body language skills to a wide variety of sales techniques, including relationship selling, solution selling, expertise selling, ROI selling, fear selling, and more.

Body Language Sales Secrets helps salespeople at any level build rapport through active listening, invitational body language, and mirroring and reveals how their own body language can reinforce the perception of competence, relevance, and truth. You will learn a wide variety of action-forcing movements and quest.

Maryann Karinch is the author of a dozen books on body language and interpersonal skills including How to Spot a Liar, The Body Language Handbook, and Nothing But the Truth. She coaches professionals in sales and customer service, law enforcement, and other arenas in negotiation, rapport-building, conflict resolution, and lie detection. Karinch resides in Estes Park, Colorado.

Jim McCormick has shaped capital campaigns, sales strategies, and major donor programs for clients from the National World War II Museum to multiple international companies. The coauthor of the best-selling The First-Time Manager and Business Lessons from the Edge, McCormick is the former COO of the fifth largest architectural firm in the United States. He earned an MBA in Marketing from the University of California, Irvine and currently resides near Denver, Colorado.

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