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My Whole Truth

By: Mischa Thrace

Price: CAD $17.99


Imprint: Flux

320 Pages

7.99 X 5.28 X 0.83 ins

ISBN:  9781635830248 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 10/02/2018

Seventeen-year-old Seelie Stanton never wanted to kill someone. She never wanted to be invisible in her own family, she never wanted to crush on her best friend Alyssa, and she definitely never wanted to know how effectively a mallet could destroy someone's head.

But the universe doesn't care what she wants. Shane Mayfield doesn't care what Seelie wants either. When the former high school basketball star attacks her, she has no choice but to defend herself. She saved her own life, but she can't bring herself to talk about what happened that night. Not all of it. Not even when she's arrested for murder.

"Engaging and honest." - Kirkus Reviews

"Seelie Stanton loves working at the horse barn, where she can escape from her self-absorbed, work obsessed mother, her deepening feelings for her best friend, Lyssa; and bullies like Shane Mayfield, who targets for her size and her sexuality. But Seelie?s sanctuary is shattered when Shane brutally attacks her at the barn, and she has to use lethal force to overpower him. Facing murder charges, Seelie leans on her tightly loyal friend group for support, but fears that the full truth about the ordeal may drive them intensely realistic, captivating journey towards healing. The unwavering support that Seelie receives serves as a potent antidote to victim-blaming, while the fear that keeps other victims from coming forward speaks to the continued importance of the recent #MeToo movement." - Booklist

Mischa Thrace has worked as a teacher, a horse trainer, a baker, and a librarian and has amassed enough random skills to survive most apocalypses. She lives in western Massachusetts with her husband, a one-eyed dog, and a cranky cat who rarely leaves the basement. She loves tea, geekery, and not getting ax-murdered on long walks in the woods. Find her on Twitter and Instagram at mischa_thrace or at mischathrace.com.


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