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Gut Wisdom

Understanding and Improving Your Digestive Health

By: Alyce M. Sorokie

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Imprint: New Page Books

256 Pages

8.98 X 6.06 X 0.51 ins

ISBN:  9781564147530 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 05/13/2004

Are you eating a reasonable diet, getting enough exercise and still experiencing indigestion, bloat, or other "gut distress"? Do you experience frequent knots, butterflies, tension, or more severe symptoms in your gut?

That's because diet and exercise are only part of the equation-scientists are now proving what body/mind theorists have been saying all along: that the gut and brain are inextricably connected. Positive thoughts of joy, peace, and love contribute to a healthy gut. Negative thoughts of rage, resentment, and anxiety are like toxins in the gut.

Gut Wisdom will help you learn how to listen to your gut to achieve total body health. Unlike other books on digestion, it is a friendly, readable, easy-to-understand guide that gives you specific procedures you can use to alleviate indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhea, and many other common ailments.

Alyce M. Sorokie has been marinating in alternative health ever since she can remember. Raised in the 1950s by parents who were pioneers in the holistic field in Chicago, Alyce continues to study and integrate alternative healing modalities. She resides in Chicago. She is the founder of Partners in Wellness, a holistic clinic specializing in colon therapy in Chicago's infamous Lincoln Park area. Alyce has been a digestive consultant and C.T. for 18 years. As one of the area's foremost authorities on topics of gut digestion and the relationship of stress-to-gut health, she is the facilitator of Gut Wisdom workshops, classes, and cleanses. She is also the creator of the Belly Buddy, an aromatic, heatable pillow sold nationally. Featured in the Chicago Tribune and the New York Times, she is passionate about teaching people how to learn to listen to the gut's "voice" and empowering them to make choices that are more health-minded.


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