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Philosophy for secondary schools

By: David Birch

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Imprint: Crown House Publishing

328 Pages

8.15 X 5.87 X 0.75 ins

ISBN:  9781785833687 -- Paperback
9781845908881 -- Hardcover

Publication Date: 12/07/2018

David Birch's Provocationsl will help teachers to present ideas and stimulate discussions which both accommodate and engage adolescent appetites.

Are human beings flawed? Is murder an act of insanity or just plain thoughtlessness? Do we need a soul?

From the fall of Icarus to the rise of Caesar, this practical resource draws upon history, philosophy and literature to provoke students to think, question and wonder. Divided into chapters on the world, self, society and others, the book is designed to give secondary school teachers the means to listen rather than teach - and to allow the ideas and thoughts of students to form the centre of the lesson.

It shares a set of mature and challenging philosophy sessions predicated on the pedagogical methods of The Philosophy Foundation, and which explore, among other things: Wagner and desire, Shakespeare and madness, Joan of Arc and gender, Faust and temptation, and Nostradamus and time. The sessions dare students to think philosophically, to generate and test ideas, and to gain deeper insights - and raise questions on slavery, consumerism, utopia, the nature of evil, the limits of freedom, belief in God, and a whole lot more.

The book sets out a clear introductory outline on its use both in and out of the classroom, and contains helpful tips and advice to guide teachers to span the curriculum - covering areas applicable to history, geography, religious studies, science, art, English and citizenship. There is also an extensive bibliography for those who wish to explore the topics in greater depth.

Designed for all teachers, whether they are Philosophy for Children (P4C) trained or just experimenting with philosophy, of learners aged 11-18.

David Birch works for the Philosophy Foundation, an educational charity that aims to make philosophy accessible to children of all ages and backgrounds. He is also a teacher of philosophy and religious studies at Newham Sixth Form College and Kensington Park School.


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