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Toronto's Lost Golf Courses

How the Game of Golf Shaped the City of Toronto, Volume #1: 1869-1919

By: Scott Burk & Joanne Doucette

Price: CAD $49.50


Imprint: Barlow Book Publishing

416 Pages

11.3 X 8.94 X 1.18 ins

ISBN:  9781988025391 -- Hardcover

Publication Date: 04/05/2019

This richly illustrated coffee-table book is the perfect gift for the Toronto golfer and history buff. It describes the nearly 30 golf courses established in the Toronto area from 1869 to 1919 that literally shaped the city. In fact, if you live in Toronto today, there is a very real possibility that your home is on a former golf course - or is a par five away from one.

Golf was introduced to Toronto in the 19th century by the Scots. In Toronto's Lost Golf Courses, the author tells, in fascinating detail, the story of the golf craze of that time. In those early days, golfers would tell caddies to head out 125 yards or so and place the stake in the ground.

Some of the golf courses, like Toronto Hunt, the Toronto Golf Club, and Lambton Golf and Country Club, are still thriving, but most of the courses were paved over by residential development. All that remains are the stories, pictures, and maps in places like High Park, University of Toronto, Yorkville, and Upper Canada College. These records tell a lot about the history of Toronto and the golfers who developed the city. With an extensive index of golfers, this book is a Who's Who of Toronto golf in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Scott Burk has played all his life in Toronto. Born in 1963, he played his early golf on Toronto's municipal courses, and as a teenager joined the Lambton Golf and Country Club in 1977. Today, Scott plays at the Toronto Hunt Club. He is a member of the Canadian Golf Historical Society and the British Golf Collectors Society. An avid reader and lifelong resident of Toronto, Burk is passionate about both golf and the history of the city. Not surprisingly, he and his wife Dianne and their two sons live on a Toronto street that was once a golf course.

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