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By: Sabrina Scott
Foreword by: Tim Morton

Price: CAD $27.95


Imprint: Weiser Books

80 Pages

9.76 X 7.87 X 0.28 ins

ISBN:  9781578636648 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 03/04/2019

Witchbody is an invitation to experience what lies hidden beneath the surface of our everyday lives - to see the magic in all things. A plant, a tree, a coffee cup, garbage bins, you, me - they're all magic. Witchcraft is simply the power we're all born with to awaken our senses to this magic, to awaken our "witchbody." And that awakening is essential if we are to reframe our experience with Nature and with our precious planet.

Sabrina Scott has created a mystical and intellectual masterpiece. Witchbody reclaims the poisoned, manufactured world, laying bare the purity fantasy of the natural sublime that leaves our magic unbodied, ungrounded, unreal. A powerful celebration of what we have, a call to protect what is left, and dare to situate our witch-selves in this gorgeous, imperfect world. - Michelle Tea, author of Modern Tarot

Reading Sabrina Scott's beautiful graphic novel Witchbody has been a transformative experience for me. I hope that the messages of Sabrina's work, their perspectives on ecology, materiality, nature and magic, will feel relevant to everyone who reads this. Put simply, if you engage in any way with the physical world (and of course, it is impossible not to), then this book is for you. It will help you to redefine your relationship to your environment and find magic in all that you touch - including yourself. - Beth Maiden, founder of Little Red Tarot

Witchbody is smart, beautiful, and highly recommended. - Spiral Nature

Witchbody is gorgeous, lyrical, intense, magical, a graphic manifesto of life and magic. She (Scott) completely had me on the second page: "Witchcraft knowledge is body knowledge...Experimenting with a body. Feeling with a body... Witchcraft is the art of saying hello." And oh, those drawings! Constantly moving, inventive, joyous. If I was a teacher of, well, pretty much anything, I'd find an excuse to make Witchbody required reading. - Rachel Pollack, author of Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom

Cerebral, passionate, and beautifully drawn. A highly distinctive and engaging book. - Joe Sacco, author of Palestine

Sabrina Scott is a PhD candidate in science and technology at York University (Toronto) with a master's degree in environmental studies. Sabrina has been reading tarot and practicing witchcraft for 18 years. She is also an illustrator, graphic novelist, and academic. Witchbody was nominated for the Doug Wright Awards, the biggest comic's award series in Canada. Sabrina writes the "Heal & Harm" column on Little Red Tarot and was recently the subject of a short video documentary (produced by London, UK-based Barcroft Media) with 400,000 views to date. Visit her online at http://witchbody.com.


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