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Teach for Attention!

A Tool Belt of Strategies for Engaging Students with Attention Challenges

By: Ezra Werb

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Imprint: Free Spirit Publishing

192 Pages

7.52 X 6.02 X 0.47 ins

ISBN:  9781631983191 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 04/12/2019

If learning is a motor, student engagement is the key. But when teaching students with ADHD and other attention challenges, sometimes even the most finely tuned classroom can sputter. Teach for Attention! is your tool belt of teaching strategies for students with ADHD, low self-confidence, distraction, and other attention challenges. Dozens of true classroom stories show the strategies in action. It's all about making simple fixes so you can reach every student without changing your approach or revamping your curriculum. Carry these ideas with you like tools on a belt - the right one will be there when you need it!

"Teach for Attention! is a superb read for K-8 educators of all experience levels. As a seasoned resource specialist, Ezra reminds us of the effective tools that are readily available within our reach outside of the usual choices, preferential seating, and mini breaks for our students. He frankly talks about speed bumps, including relatable situations, while offering genuine tested solutions through various anecdotes. Furthermore, his inclusion of tech tools to help truncate and/or facilitate student work is veritably handy. This is an essential book that all educators can refer to time and again to help the kiddos who struggle in academic settings." - Valerie Sun, Ed.D., EmpowerED Consulting

Ezra Werb, M.Ed., behavior interventionist, resource specialist teacher, and educational therapist, has been working with students with attention deficits, learning challenges, and spectrum disorders in typical classroom settings, resource rooms, and one-on-one academic support scenarios for more than a dozen years. Ezra earned his master's in special education with a concentration in educational therapy from Cal-State Northridge and is a member of the Association of Educational Therapists. He lives in Los Angeles, California, where he works in private practice with students with ADHD, spectrum disorders, dyslexia, anxiety, and other learning challenges.


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