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The Math Kids - A Sequence of Events

A Sequence of Events

Series: The Math Kids

By: David Cole

Price: CAD $11.99


Imprint: Common Deer Press

111 Pages

8.5 X 5.51 X 0.35 ins

ISBN:  9781988761305 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 05/15/2019

The Math Kids Club is back! After solving the case of the prime-time burglars, The Math Kids, Jordan, Justin, and Stephanie are ready to return to the original purpose of their club: solving math problems. And the district Math Olympics is the perfect opportunity to do just that. But before they can enter the competition, they need a fourth teammate. The Math Kids set their sights on Catherine Duchesne.

Even though Catherine has been quiet in class, she knows some really cool math tricks that are sure to help The Math Kids win the competition. But when Catherine doesn't show up for school and Jordan, Justin, and Stephanie find out her father's been kidnapped, the group springs into action to help their new friend.

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Best friends Jordan, Justin and Stephanie are together again with two real-life problems to solve. When they decide on Catherine to be the fourth person on their team for a math contest, they have to get Susie to drop out. But then Catherine's Dad is kidnapped and the FBI are securing Catherine in her home. How can they release her and rescue her Dad? When a ransom note is sent, Catherine and the math kids can unravel the coded message that Catherine's Dad has written on the bottom of the letter. The last section discusses the math problem mentioned in the early part of the story, together with some other famous math problems. The art work in the text is in pen and ink by Shannon O'Toole.
This is a fun read, with some math tricks and puzzles in the appendix.

David Cole is a writer and a math teacher. He has been interested in math since he was a very young boy. After pursuing degrees in math and computer science, he shared this love of math at many levels, teaching at the college level but also coaching elementary math teams and running a summer math camp for a number of years. He has also always loved to write, and has written a number of plays which have been performed. He has always wanted to combine my love of math and writing, and The Math Kids series was born as a great way to exercise both sides of his brain at the same time.


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