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Extra Innings

A Life in Baseball

By: Max Schumacher

Price: CAD $28.99

Publisher: Blue River Press

Imprint: Blue River Press

256 Pages

9 X 6 ins

ISBN:  9781681571461 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 05/16/2019

Max Schumacher began working for the Indianapolis Indians Triple-A baseball team in 1958, and became the general manager in 1961. The Indians have been one of America's premier minor league franchises ever since, presenting unforgettable stars and moments while playing in historic ballparks.

In this unique retrospective, Schumacher recalls the upbringing in Indianapolis that inspired his love for baseball and shaped his working career, as well as stories that are unique to minor league baseball.

Readers will be treated to the stories behind familiar names such as Herb Score, Harmon Killebrew, Dave DeBusschere, Denny McLain, George Foster, Dave Concepcion, Pedro Borbon and both Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr. They'll also learn of the less notable players who had a major impact on the franchise - including the most popular one of all, who was introduced as "Raaaaaazor Shines."

Also included are the creative promotions that allowed fans to watch a game from the playing field, featured a Miss America contestant dancing the Charleston on top of the dugout between innings and had the Purdue University band marching across the outfield.

Schumacher also tells of the endless challenges of running a minor league front office, his conflicts with his Major League affiliates and the thrills that only championships can bring.

Minor league baseball provides the heart and soul of the sport, and the Indianapolis Indians have been a leader within minor league baseball for well over a century. This book provides an inside account of their past 50 years, from the man who directed and witnessed their fortunes.

Mark Montieth was born and raised in Indianapolis, and lives there today. He attended Indiana Pacers games as a child, and grew up to become a sports journalist who reported on the Pacers for many years, including a 12-year period when he covered the team for the Indianapolis Star. During those years, he made contact with many people who were able to assist in telling the story of the franchise's formation and early seasons. He is without question the foremost historian of the Pacers, and is uniquely qualified to tell their story. He has won many regional and national awards for his writing, as well as for hosting a popular program on the most powerful radio station in central Indiana. He also hosted two sports-related episodes on the local PBS television station, further expanding his personal brand.

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