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Your Retirement Income Blueprint - 3rd Edition

A Six-Step Plan to Design and Build a Secure Retirement

By: Daryl Diamond

Price: CAD $26.95

Publisher: Milner & Associates Inc.

Imprint: Milner & Associates Inc.

256 Pages

8.98 X 5.98 X 0.63 ins

ISBN:  9781988344133 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 04/25/2019

This book gives you the blueprint for creating sustainable income in retirement, making the most out of the assets you've taken a lifetime to accumulate, and building a strong financial foundation for your lifetime.

If you are approaching the end of your working life or recently retired, you are probably anxious about your finances. How can you afford to retire, let alone enjoy your retirement in years to come? How can you ensure you won't outlive your money?

Questions about retirement finances are now more urgent and worrisome than ever as the Baby Boomer generation retires in droves and economic conditions remain uncertain. Historically low interest rates, significant changes to the Canada Pension Plan, and rising government debt in the face of skyrocketing demand for medical care - all point to tough times ahead for retirees.

Your Retirement Income Blueprint provides the plan you need to build a financially secure retirement, offering proven strategies that show you how to:
  • Combine government and personal sources of income most efficiently
  • Determine which assets to use first and which to defer
  • Preserve government benefits and entitlements that are often needlessly wasted or lost
  • Create results that are more survivor- and estate-friendly than traditional approaches
  • Greatly reduce taxes on retirement income and your estate
  • Live the lifestyle you want in retirement, and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your money will last as long as you do.

Daryl Diamond is a recognized leader in the financial services industry. Since 1992, his Winnipeg-based practice, Diamond Retirement Planning Ltd., has focused on advising individual pre-retirement and retirement clients from coast to coast on the income structures, investment strategies, and estate conservation issues that are unique to that segment.
Through writing, speaking and training, Daryl has also been active in educating advisors and their clients on the topic of retirement income planning. He works regularly with Canadian banks, mutual fund companies, and life insurance companies to conduct education programs for advisors and presents on the subject to retiring consumers at professional conferences and advisor-sponsored client events across North America.


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