Book Cover - The VESPA Mindset Workbook (sold in packs of 25)

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The VESPA Mindset Workbook (sold in packs of 25)

40 activities for FE students that transform commitment, motivation and productivity

By: Steve Oakes & Martin Griffin

Price: CAD $175.00


Imprint: Crown House Publishing

100 Pages

11.73 X 8.27 ins

ISBN:  9781785834158 --

Publication Date: 03/08/2015

A collection of practical activities designed to boost college students' positivity, resilience and organization.

Success at college is a result of character, not intelligence. Successful students approach their studies with the right behaviors, skills and attitudes: they understand how to learn and revise effectively, they're determined and organized, they give more discretionary effort - and they get top results.

In The VESPA Mindset Workbook, Steve Oakes and Martin Griffin offer students a structured way to work through 40 activities designed to help them develop the five key traits and behaviors crucial to academic success: vision, effort, systems, practice and attitude (VESPA). Each activity has been prepared with a student audience in mind, takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete, and allows space for students to record and reflect on their answers and to structure their thinking.

Sold in packs of 25.

Steve Oakes is a researcher, an education trainer and an associate lecturer in psychology. Prior to assuming his current position, he worked with his co-author, Martin Griffin, for eight years at The Blue Coat School in Oldham, where he was the assistant director of the phase of education for students aged 16-18. Steve is based in Cheshire in the UK.

Martin Griffin has over two decades' experience teaching students aged 11-18, and has been a head of faculty, an assistant principal and a deputy principal. Martin works with schools and colleges across the UK to design and implement mindset and intervention programmes - and his published works in this field include The A Level Mindset (ISBN 9781785830242), The GCSE Mindset (ISBN 9781785831843) and The Student Mindset (ISBN 9781785833083). Martin is based in Lancashire in the UK.


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