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Maximum Joy

By: Bonni Vannucci & Rich Vannucci

Price: CAD $24.95

Publisher: Origin Press

Imprint: Origin Press

236 Pages

7.48 X 5.51 X 0.55 ins

ISBN:  9781579830595 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 11/15/2019

Nick Perugino always believed he was destined to become a real-life Santa Claus. Even as a small boy he had dreamt of becoming a modern-day Santa who delivers food and medicine to the world's poorest children while also promoting social sustainability practices around the world. God richly responds to Nick's aspiration to save those who are the world's most vulnerable. As a youth, he is visited by celestial beings, including the ascended soul of Saint Nicholas (the original Santa Claus). This special corps of angels returns throughout Nick's life to help him grasp the realities of inequality and poverty in the Third World and even in America and to understand the true meaning of sharing.

As a result, Nick is led as an adult to kindle the spirit of sharing on a grand scale, spreading good cheer everywhere he goes, sometimes while wearing a Santa Claus suit. Nick travels the world, ministering to leper children in India, working with Mother Teresa to comfort the sick and dying, and delivering life-saving supplies to remote parts of Africa. He eventually attracts and marries Sara, the love of his life, who shares his values and whose skills complement his. Together the couple pursues Nick's ultimate goal of leading people everywhere to realize that there is a way to upgrade the human condition through deeper awareness of our Creator's love for us and by sharing our resources generously and wisely to create social sustainability. Nick and Sara create a successful global child relief agency and all goes well until Nick hits a wall, doubts his ambition to become a genuine Santa Claus, and seems to falter in the mission. Then an unexpected gift turns it all around in a culmination that will thrill and inspire readers of every age.

Bonnie and Rich Vannucci are the real-life Nick and Sara Perugino. They are the founders and operators of Operation Serving Children (OSCrelief.org), which delivers aid to children around the world. Maximum Joy is the fictionalized story of Nick's life and their marriage that is based on their experiences with charitable work ranging over decades. The novel is based on Rich's original 2008 screenplay that caught the attention of one of Hollywood's leading production companies, DreamWorks. Legendary producer David Geffen of DreamWorks offered three times to purchase the movie rights to the script, but in the end the deal did not come to completion. This novel was written at Geffen's suggestion.

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