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Intelligent Soccer Training

Simulating Games to Improve Technique & Tactics

By: Fabian Seeger & Andree Fincke

Price: CAD $35.95


Imprint: Meyer & Meyer Sport

200 Pages

11.65 X 8.27 X 0.51 ins

ISBN:  9781782551706 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 01/16/2020

Intelligent Soccer Training is designed as a follow-up to The Soccer Games and Drills Compendium: 350 Smart and Practical Games to Form Intelligent Players.

The 150 training exercises presented in this book are based on the basic requirements of modern soccer and deal with running (running, hunting, and catching), techniques (ball control, dribbling, ball processing, ball transfer, passing, and goal shot), group tactical behavior, varying game entry, and improving action speed and game intelligence.

The range of content presented here is geared to a wide variety of age and performance levels. Intelligent Soccer Training differentiates known training contents to present innovative and modern training forms in basic training, to develop new forms, and to deepen the pool of exercise and playing forms for the interested coach. With this book, the trainer will learn new exercises, modern forms of play, and additional variations to expand his repertoire to offer varied and motivating training.

The practice-oriented content is followed by a theory for training, which answers further questions concerning training and competition. Aspects such as talent definition, talent development, squad composition, teaching and learning path, game system, position specifics or training atmosphere are discussed in detail.

This book is a must to expand the coach's, trainer's, or player's library of soccer training knowledge.

Fabian Seeger is the author of the books The Soccer Games and Drills Compendium, Creative Soccer Training, and Circle Soccer Training. With a Master of Sport Sciences and DFB-A license, he is active as a support point coordinator and selection trainer for the Hamburg Soccer Association (Hamburger Fußball-Verband e. V.) within the framework of German Soccer Association talent promotion.

After an active career as a professional soccer player, Andree Fincke works as a teacher and trainer at the Eliteschule des Sports Alter Teichweg in Hamburg. He is responsible for the school's soccer project and is also the chairman of the school soccer committee for Hamburg. Together with Fabian Seeger, he is interested in modern and innovative training content at school, club, association, and talent promotion level in order to inspire players in training and develop talent.


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