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Medical Cannabis in Canada

From Historical Lows to the Current High

By: Mark H. Kimmins

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Publisher: Milner & Associates

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304 Pages

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ISBN:  9781988344171 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 09/06/2019

Cannabis has been used by humans for thousands of years. Proven to be safe and medically effective for many conditions, it is emerging from the stigma of being illegal over the last century. Now that it's legal in Canada, the number of people seeking medically specific cannabis products is growing rapidly.

Medical and recreational cannabis are two very distinct streams, however, and there are major differences between the two: from types of product to points of access, applications, dosing - even in the intent to use.

Patients are specifically looking for relief of symptoms without impairment - the high that recreational users seek. Many Canadians have been self-medicating for years, but that is not the safest, most reliable, or most effective way of using cannabis as medicine. Health Canada continues to govern medical cannabis, keeping its use, access, and legislation distinct from the recreational stream.

This book brings clarity for both patients and health care providers (who receive little to no formal education about medical cannabis) and is a comprehensive guide to this re-emerging field of medicine.
  • Clarifies the differences between medical and recreational cannabis.
  • Covers the history, research, and health benefits of cannabis and discusses its application to some 40 specific diseases and symptoms.
  • Explains how to access and use cannabis for medical purposes, as well as the laws that apply specifically to medical cannabis.
  • Features a glossary of key terms, especially useful for patients; Canadian-specific resources; and an extensive reference section citing source material and research from around the world that is guiding medical practice.
"Mark, your discussion on medical cannabis is thoughtful, measured and easy to understand. Well done." - C. Dale Mercer, General Surgeon, Professor Emeritus, Queen's University

Mark H. Kimmins, MD, FRCSC, FACS, FASCRS, is the president of Natural Health Services, a patient-centred medical cannabis clinic, and the medical director of its parent company, Sunniva. He is a medical doctor who is board certified in both the U.S. and Canada and before entering the medical cannabis world, Mark practiced as a colorectal surgeon and teaching physician for over fifteen years in Seattle, Washington, and Anchorage, Alaska.
Mark's interest in medical cannabis started with a personal belief in the benefits of this natural plant and developed further with first-hand observation of the positive therapeutic effects in both patients and sick family members. His work now includes evaluating the medical cannabis literature and providing evidence-based education to both physicians and patients. He looks forward to the day when the stigma around cannabis is gone, and cannabinoids are widely acknowledged as legitimate medicine. Mark lives with his wife, three children, and multiple pets on the west coast of British Columbia.


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