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The Curators

The Roles and Responsibilities of Gods Maintenance Entities

By: Guy Steven Needler

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Imprint: Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc.

456 Pages

8.46 X 5.47 X 0.87 ins

ISBN:  9781940265650 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 12/09/2019

Ever wondered what made the Universe? - Was it the big bang? - Why is it not expanding or contracting? Why does it appear to have an orderly level of functionality? Are there more universes within a much larger multiversal environment? If so, where are they? Are theoretical physicists correct? In The Curators the reader is exposed to the mechanics of the multiversal environment we exist within and those entities that maintain it.

In The Curators you will learn:
  • That there is a hierarchy of entities that maintain the evolutionary efficiency of the multiverse
  • The roles and responsibilities of these entities
  • What nature spirits or elementals are
  • That we exist in many "Event Spaces" and the Realities within them
  • That there are different classifications of Event Space and Realities
  • That these entities can change our Event Spaces and/or Realities at will
  • That evolutionary efficiency is the primary reason for change in the multiverse
  • That there are different levels of structure to support the maintenance and

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