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Selecting Rationality

Public Opinion, Polling, Civic Engagement and Campaigning

By: Kimble Ainslie

Price: CAD $24.95

Publisher: Optimum Publishing International

Imprint: Optimum Publishing International

231 Pages

8.98 X 5.94 X 0.51 ins

ISBN:  9780888902979 -- Paperback

Publication Date: 10/11/2019

Serious, entertaining and relentless Kimble Ainslie explains how political engagement is critical to a larger, broader narrative and leads politicians in understanding how citizens want their views and values represented in all levels of government. In short, he looks at how we activate our political choices in everyday life. One might think it second nature that rationality drives political decision making. Unfortunately, rational thought is too often overlooked, disdained or simply ignored by academics, political operatives, and by the elected officials that may well form the incoming government.

Readers who are interested in politics, human behaviour, psychology and citizenship are ideal targets for the book. With elections always at the ready, this is a must read for citizens and political junkies alike. This is a primer for citizens seeking clarity on the critical issues of our time and how to approach others in a rational and objective political discussion.

ON PUBLIC OPINION: "The version of systemic rationality, I found extremely interesting. Your provocative ideas keep circulating though my mind. ... Public opinion is a sufficient basis both for useful polling and for democratic government ... for electing officials and for conducting referendums. - TOM FLANAGAN, Distinguished Fellow in the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary and former Research Director for the Reform Party of Canada

ON POLLING: "[This essay] should become required reading for journalists. I can't say I agree entirely with all your points, but I can't fault the logic you present. ... Most of our clients want fast and cheap [and there are] hazards [with] short and/or automated sampling ... I also agree with the premise that people need to "settle in" to a survey and that rushed responses are less likely to be serious." - QUITO MAGGI is president of Mainstreet Research, a national polling firm headquartered in Toronto

ON CIVIC ENGAGEMENT: "The chapter spoke to me. My late wife, when a councillor in the 1980s fought against the bureaucratic model, wrestled control of environmental issues away from "the experts" and led the City of Waterloo. Their work was so productive the city won many accolades. Somebody should have written about these ideas. "I'm glad you have." - PETER WOOLSTENCROFT, professor emeritus, University of Waterloo

ON CAMPAIGNING: "By successfully relying on the advice and direction of Dr. Ainslie, my profile and effectiveness in office was heightened. Dr. Ainslie's advice was and is valuable because it is blunt; he never offers up fluff. Indeed, he acts as a fluff filter. Reading chapter four on campaigning refreshes my appreciation for his revolutionary, strategic, pioneering craftsmanship, and the evolution of those smart enough to implement his advice." - TED WERNHAM was a four-term city councillor in London, Ontario

Kimble Ainslie Ph.D. has been Chairman and President of Nordex Research since 1985. He holds political science and public administration degrees from Western, Queen's and York universities in Canada. Across North America, he has also practised in think tanks, universities and private consulting. Currently, he conducts geopolitical research and consulting for clients around North America and Europe.

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