Book Cover - A Taste of Scotland's Islands

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A Taste of Scotland's Islands

By: Sue Lawrence

Price: CAD $40.00

Publisher: Birlinn Ltd

Imprint: Birlinn

192 Pages

9.49 X 7.76 X 0.94 ins

ISBN:  9781780276007 -- Hardcover

Publication Date: 03/27/2020

Sue Lawrence has been on a personal odyssey; a trip round some of Scotland many islands speaking to producers and cooks, gleaning recipes along the way. From islands such as Mull, Raasay, Out Skerries and Luing she has amassed over 100 recipes, mainly created from ingredients and produce she came across in her travels. Some of the recipes are traditional, for example using seaweed or reestit mutton in a soup; others are more contemporary, like Shetland Salt Fish Cakes with Romesco Sauce or Venison Chilli. This celebration of the landscape and history of the Scottish islands is illustrated with photos of some of the most beautiful scenery in the world and with mouth-watering pictures of the islands best cooking. Keen home cooks will find here a whole new world of delicious but easy to prepare dishes, presented with Sues trademark warmth and clarity of method.

'Beautifully illustrated with photos from the isles and delightful portions of narrative as intriguing to read as it is to use as a cookbook'

'Charts Lawrences personal odyssey round familiar islands and those less well-travelled, where she spoke to producers and cooks and gleaned more than 100 new dishes. From the intensely traditional to the contemporary, this is a celebration of the landscape, the history, and, especially, the people of the Scottish Islands'

'Sue has been here and done the research. Take her crowdie and smoked fish pate. Buy Highland-made crowdie and fresh lemons from the village shop. Buy hot smoked salmon from Brooke's fish van. Mix thoroughly. Serve with outcakes from either Brookie or village shop. Eat. Flawless'

'Lawrence's enthusiasm for food, travel, and island life comes across in spades, making the book an enjoyable read as well as an interesting collection of recipes' 

Sue Lawrence is a food writer and journalist who has written many books on cooking and baking, including The Scottish Kitchen (2002), The Sue Lawrence Book of Baking Eating In (2011) and Scottish Baking (2014). She lives in Edinburgh.

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