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Cheri Meiners

Cheri J. Meiners, M.Ed., has her master's degree in elementary education and gifted education. With over 2.4 million books in print, she is the author of the award-winning 'Learning to Get Along' social skills series, and the character building 'Being the Best Me' series. Her newest release, 'Making a Difference', teaches kindness, respect, and purpose, and empowers children to make good choices, and to be their best. A new board book series, 'Learning about Me and You' is also.  A former first-grade teacher, Cheri also taught education classes at Utah State University and supervised student teachers.

In 2008, her book Reach Out and Give won the Carol D. Reiser children's book award. Learning Magazine named her series a finalist for the 2006 Teacher's Choice Award. In 2005, Booklist named the Learning to Get Along books 'Top 5 Character Education Series'. Several of the books are translated into Portuguese, Arabic, Korean, Slovak, Indonesian, Greek, Vietnamese, Pakistani, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese.
Cheri lives in Maryland with her husband David.

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The Girl on the Beach
By: Mary Nichols

Julie Monday, was raised in a children's home. At age eight she meets eleven-year old Harry Walker at the Essex seaside. As fate would have it they meet 10 years later and eventually marry just before the outbreak of WWII. Harry has enlisted in the Royal Air Force and Julie must face the blitz in wartime London alone with their son. Julie is caught in the chaos on her way back from work one day and is injured and suffers from severe memory loss. She is given a new identity as Eve Seaton. She is plagued with disturbing flashes of memory that she doesn't understand, forgetting her former life as Julie Monday proves impossible. Should she make a new life for herself as Eve or struggle to recover the pieces of a shattered identity?

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The Secret Archives of Sherlock Holmes
By: June Thomson

A mysterious veiled lady carries a counterfeit painting into an art dealer's office. A widow with three hands slips out of a church door. A farmer lies dead in a barn, his son accused of his murder. A skeleton with a silver locket is unearthed in a back garden. What do they have in common? The famous resident of 221b Baker Street.

From the gas-lit clamour of London's streets, to the isolated Welsh countryside, the great detective Sherlock Holmes, accompanied as always by his faithful friend and biographer Dr Watson, must solve cases as complex as any he has known before, some of which bring him face to face with old enemies from the past, figures left behind in the mists of the Reichenbach Falls.
A brand new cache of original cases from the brilliant imagination of June Thomson displays the master of the art of deduction at his intriguing best and proves that the game is still very much afoot.

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